Frogholler Lavender Farm

1095 Joe Joye Rd., Madison Nc.

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Located deep in the countryside of North Carolina, just outside of the homely town of Madison, Frogholler Farm is a lavender farm tucked far away from the rest civilization. We have a multitude of lavender rows, a fully stocked greenhouse, fields that are lush with ever changing vegetables, and more importantly: peace and quiet. How often have you had a weekend where you woke up, even knowing you didn’t have to work or do house chores, but still felt restrained and constricted? Taking a vacation away from it all can be great, but expensive and horrible to plan. The farm offers a place you can escape to with minimum concern for money or time. If you love the outdoors, plants and animals, and want to visit for a relaxing time, this is where you can come to find that quiet.

The plants we offer differ throughout the year. Lavender is a late spring/early summer plant, but even aside from our vast lavender rows we keep a fully stocked greenhouse with flowers and vegetables year round. Each one is for sale and is priced much cheaper than one of those big store you find in the city. Not to mention everything is grown by hand, nothing is sprayed with intense chemicals, and when you buy them you’ll actually be able to know exactly who grew your vegetables and where they came from. That’s not something you can say when you get a cabbage from a big box store.

Throughout the year we host events of all varieties, all family friendly, and all of them designed to give you a peaceful afternoon away from everything. If you want to know about any of these, or are curious what else we may be offering, check out our events page or the contact menu. Some of what we offer is listed below, but this list is only a small idea of our offerings:

  • We have people come out to take scenic photos inside of our lush fields, of which we have seen family gathers and even weddings take place in. These photo shoots can be booked ahead of time via the contact menu, and pricing is handled there. You may ask to book the farm for any variety of reasons.

  • The farm hosts regular meals throughout the year, which are catered onsite. We call these our “Farm Feast Days”. Expect hand cooked meals made with family recipes, cool shade trees during the summer and warm roaring fires during the winter, food that is grown on site, and no dishes to every worry about.

  • Craft shows that will teach you how to use our plants to make amazing gifts, home decor, and personal items that will serve a wide range of purposes.

  • Plant sales. What we grow year round is sold regularly, but we do also offer events where plants can be bought in bathes or picked on site. Often we do sales during these events.