Empty Patches Program

In the Bible, the book of John talks about feeding a great many people. Chapter 6, verse 1 through 14, gives an account of Jesus meeting an enormous group of people away from the cities. There comes a time where, these people having come out to learn from the Lord, they become hungry. Some had food, others did not. One boy had a loaf of bread and a fish. In the midst of doubt from even the disciples, Jesus blesses this meager meal and turns it into a Blessed feast capable of feeding the entirety of the masses and even having plenty left over.

This concept of taking something small and turning it into something that can feed people reliably and with plenty to spare is the idea behind the Empty Patches program we have started here at the Farm. Our goal is to see that no local family is in need of fresh vegetables. We plan to start growing plants from seed and cultivate them ourselves until they are garden ready, at which point families or individuals in need may come and get these plants. They can then take the plants back to their own home and transplant them there, allowing these plants to start producing food for them at their very doorstep. You don’t have to worry about failed crops, plants that “just didn’t make it”, or messing it up. We handle the sowing part, you get to do the cultivating and harvesting.

Now, you may think that perhaps someone getting even a single plant can’t be worth the hassle of looking after it, watering it, harvesting, etc. Consider this, however, that just one extra plant added to your family’s home can make a huge difference. The calories and vitamins alone from adding just a single tomato to a dish can make a difference in the body of a growing child. Some extra fiber from a cabbage plant chopped up and placed in any soup you make adds weight to a dish and helps the digestive system.

Obviously many people pick up vegetables at their local store when they buy other groceries, but if you live on a budget and fixed income you know all too well that sometimes those bills must get paid first, and only then do you go shopping. Your kids need new notebooks for school, your wife or husband hurt their leg at work so now they need tubes of heat cream. When life hits you, sometimes spending that five dollars on fresh vegetables to add to your meals does not seem so reasonable anymore. That’s where we aim to show a light shining in the darkness. All you have to do is call us and request a plant or plants, and when it comes time we call you and let you know that you can come pick up your plant(s). Like that ancient proverb about teaching a man to fish we believe that if we help you grow sustainable, reliable, and reproducing food plants that maybe somehow we can improve your life just enough to make it that little bit brighter.

Contact us today via our contact menu and let us know if you are interested in benefiting from this program. DEADLINE for orders is Mid~March each year. We are eager to help you keep your family, and yourself, on a path to better nutrition.